Different types of bonuses in online casino

The online casino has become more popular in the whole world and with the popularity of casino games the competition among the online website has increased a lot. Each online casino always tries to be updating its website with new games to be on top. Not only this has the online casino also given offered many different types of bonuses to their players so that they stay with that website for a longer period. The longer the player plays with that website like happyluke คาสิโน the more they can earn. It always feels good when you get something extra in the form of bonuses but you must use them wisely to win more games. Let us discuss some of the types of bonuses offered by online casinos.

  • Welcome bonus: This bonus is given to the new joiner after joining any online casino. The welcome bonus varies in each online casino. Some of the online casinos give sometimes more than fifty percent of the deposit amount. But you need to pay some amount of wager to utilize the welcome bonus amount.
  • Deposit bonus: this bonus is given when you do your first deposit. An online casino like 12bet Asia may also give this type of bonus later stage. For example, they can keep an offer for a small period saying if anyone makes some fixed amount of deposit then they would be rewarded with some amount of bonus.
  • Free spins: These apply to slot machine games. Their online casino operator distributes this type of bonus on weekly basis and they are huge in numbers. The only condition is that you need to use them in some given period else they will get lapsed.
  • VIP bonus: this is the bonus that is only given to the regular players of that casino. Once you play games with any casino for some particular period regularly then you are considered one of the VIP members of that online casino. The VIP bonus is a huge amount compared to the other bonuses.
  • Cashback bonus: As the name goes the players get back their cash but this offer is given only to those players who have played big wager amounts. You can this bonus in the form of cash which a player can use to play more games.


Finally, one thing which each gambler has to keep in mind that read all the terms and conditions related to each bonus as some can only be used if you wager some fixed amount or some come with the specific time period.