How to Play Craps at an Online Casino

You have likely seen it on TV, in a movie or perhaps somewhere else on the internet. People who go to an online casino should be familiar with craps, as this is the most common table game found on the casino floor. With many different tables and a huge amount of bets to choose from, craps is a game that caters to all types of players. The possibilities are endless, craps online casinos but the only thing that is truly certain is that craps is a fun game to play for both those who love betting and those who have never even had a chance to play it before.

You should know a little about the game before you play, so let’s take a look at the rules, types of bets and how to play.

Best Online Craps Site

Craps is very popular with the online casino players, and many of them have moved over to the real casino games for the best in slot games and poker. Since craps is the most common game on the floor of an online casino, many of the websites have the dice game on their floors. When it comes to dice games, try to find a reputable site that has a good number of reviews and ratings. You will need to do a little homework in this case, but it will be worth it.

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Types of Craps

There are many different types of craps games that you can play, but there are only a few that you should know about. The most common craps game is the basic dice game, and it is the one that you will find in many online casinos. You will find a number of different dice games, craps online casinos but you will only find the basic dice game in many of the casinos.

The next type of craps game is the Pass Line. This is a craps game that has a number of different betting options. The Pass Line is a game that has a number of different betting options, and you can bet on the point of the dice, the number of points or even on the color of the dice.

The third type of craps game is the Come bet. This is a craps game that is similar to the Pass Line, but the only difference is that the Come bet will only pay if the dice come in the number that you have bet on.