More things to know other than the rules in online casino

Playing online games is not that easy you need to be very fanatical to create your future in the online casino. You should have complete knowledge about the game before you start betting on that. Most of the เว็บคาสิโน provides free trial games which will be help full for you to obtain the required practice. Along with knowledge about the game you should also be aware of few terminologies or phrases used in the online casino. Let’s discuss few among them.

  • Advantage player: In online casino these are the players who are having advantage over the opponent player like having a bonus points.
  • Casino advantage: This is the advantage which is also known as house edge and this advantage is with the casino operator.
  • Chips: The chips are used instead of the hard cash in the casinos.
  • Comp points: These point’s players earn while playing games in casino. The online player can use them to buy the chips and the land casino players can use them even in buying some snacks or drinks.
  • Jackpot: This is the largest amount which any one can earn in casino. You can mainly find them in slot machine games and poker games.
  • Multiplayer games: This is where you will play with other players in real instead of playing alone.
  • Non sticky bonus: It is bonus which is earned by the players; they can withdraw the bonus once they meet all the conditions kept on that bonus.
  • VIP: they are the special customers of the casinos who will be given more or special treatment in the casino
  • House rules: These are the rules pertaining to each individual game in the casino.
  • Flash casino: It is type of casino, where you use flash technology to play games directly from your system.
  • Degenerate gambler: They are the people who play in that casino frequently and also very extremely.
  • Cut card: It is a plastic card which is used in the card games to cut the deck.
  • Bankroll: This is the total amount of money which a player needs to gamble with.
  • Card shark: any person who is expert in card games.
  • Eye in the sky: It is the term used for the cameras which are kept to notice the gambling happing on the tables.


Hope that the entire above mentioned glossary will be helpful to you when you visit a casino or gamble on online casino.