What You Need To Know To Play At Agenasia88

Before you start playing online casino games at Agenasia88, you first need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the site. This is very important to know to avoid having problems with your gaming experience in the future. Agenasia88 is one of the most trusted online casino sites on the web today.

More and more players are registering because many players are finding this site to be the best in Judi Online Sportsbook, they also are the best agen bola tangkasand for Casino Online. If you are a fan of Poker Online and Online Football, then this is the site that you should check out. But first, here are the things that you need to know first.

The Agenasia88 Regulations

Once you register for an account with Agenasia88, you have read and understood the rules that are applicable at this online casino site. You should be 18 years old and above for you to be considered a legal player. You should be responsible to keep your account ID and password and refrain from sharing it with other people. You can make a deposit using either your bank or a checking account.

The minimum deposit is Rp 50,000. You can make these deposits and withdrawals using BCA, Mandiri, BNI, and BRI only. No cash deposits are accepted. Remember that once you have made a bet, this cannot be canceled anymore. All of the calculations will be made by Agenasia88. Complaints will only be accommodated within 24 hours of your deposit or withdrawal.


The Agenasia88 Bonuses

         The 20% New Member Deposit. This will be given once you have registered for an account with Agenasia88.

         5% Referral Bonus. Once you refer a friend, you will automatically receive a 5% referral bonus.

         Bonus Cash Back of 5%. This will be given to your second and succeeding deposits. Once you have made a deposit, the cashback will be automatically added to your Agenasia88 account.

         5% All Sportsbook Deposit Bonus. The minimum deposit for this bonus is Rp 200,000 and you can receive as much as Rp 2,000,000.

         All Casino Online 3% Deposit Bonus. Once you make a deposit for All Casino for the minimum of Rp 200,000, you will receive a 3% bonus which can be as much as Rp 2,000,000.

Before registering for an account with an online casino site, it is recommended that you check this information first to know if the site would be able to provide you with the best service. Check for reviews online for positive and negative reviews to help you decide. With Agenasia88 every player has an assurance of the best service and games that they will not find in any other online casino sites.